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Contracting team achieves highest sustainability rating

January 2011

Our Contracting division has successfully gained an 'Excellent' rating under the CEEQUAL assessment for its work on the Taunton park and ride project.

This is the first time our Contracting team has submitted a project to be assessed under CEEQUAL and the excellent rating achieved is testament to the hard work the team has put in throughout the project. The award reflects the steps taken to improve the sustainability of the construction works throughout the project and is measured against a national agenda.

To achieve excellent on our first project is fantastic and comes at a time when any differentiator from our competitors is needed. The award sits well with our wider sustainability strategy and will hopefully help give our business the edge in tendering for future contracts.

CEEQUAL is the assessment and awards scheme for improving sustainability in civil engineering and public realm projects. It aims to deliver improved project specification, design and construction and to demonstrate the commitment of the civil engineering industry to environmental quality and social performance.

To find out more CEEQUAL website.

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