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Vision, strategy and corporate governance

In line with Holcim, our strategy and approach to value creation integrates economic, environmental and social impacts – the three elements of the ‘triple bottom line’.

Holcim group strategy and vision

We undertake a business risk management exercise on an annual basis focussing on the topics of this strategy model.

To ensure we are able to deliver on our sustainability targets, management plans for the topics of water, biodiversity, carbon and community have been created. Each of these plans is supported by a steering group comprising employees and an external expert for each topic. It is their role to ensure that the targets set by the plans are delivered.  New targets for 2020 are currently being set by the steering groups to ensure we stay on track.

Operating with integrity

The Holcim Code of Conduct is applied throughout the Holcim Group. It establishes a common and consistent framework across the organisation, and provides direction and clarification on the conduct of our daily business.

The Holcim Fair Competition Directive sets the rules for compliance with external laws and regulations as well as with groupwide internal policies. To ensure that employees and managers are aware of their responsibilities under the code of conduct, each group company implements its own appropriate measures.

We issue a separate code of conduct applicable for local law as well as the implementation of a competition law programme for relevant staff.

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