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Delia Shannon

Our interests in construction biodiversity

June 18, 2013 | Posted by
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Biodiversity Benchmarking - Environmental awareness

Have you ever considered how a quarrying company replete with expertise in project management, product development, supply of asphalt, concrete and aggregates, knows when they’ve created biodiversity?

It’s a question that keeps me up at night, besides my 1 year old. There must be an easy way, without paying thousands of pounds for professional survey work, to know when we’ve improved grassland to UK BAP standard. How can we tell our mesotrophic waterbody from a eutrophic? How can anyone in the quarrying sector for that matter?

This is something I am trying to get to grips with as we move towards a new corporate plan which will move us toward 2020 and our part in halting biodiversity loss. We’ve found that working with partners who understand ecology is essential. As our relationship with the Wildlife Trusts has developed, not only are we beginning to understand their challenges of running a non-governmental organisation (frequently funding, often business knowledge), but the 47 UK Trusts are starting to appreciate the challenges we face on a daily basis.


Pushing the message


When quarry managers have all to consider including budgets, health and safety, reduction of waste, water use and carbon, we often have to use an external driver to encourage our guys and gals to take biodiversity into account. We use external verification such as the Biodiversity Benchmark but also the naturally occurring, healthy competition which occurs during the award season. That tension encourages creativity, and working towards innovative results in conservation management: whether that means finding new ways to recycle on-site material into bird boxes, or our colleagues learning more about the species particular to their site. 


Our aspirations for Biodiversity Benchmarking


As the growing season becomes summer, we are hoping for a fruitful outcome after being shortlisted for awards recognising our promotion of biodiversity and habitat restoration.

While we await results, we will continue to work on Biodiversity Benchmarking, pushing to obtain accreditation for three more of our sites around the UK!

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