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Chris Beardshaw | Mentoring Scholarship | Landscaping

The Chris Beardshaw Mentoring Scholarship

Chris Beardshaw | Mentoring Scholarship | Landscaping

‘‘The Chris Beardshaw Mentoring Scholarship is about nurturing the horticultural design potential of today into the talented, leading designers of tomorrow” 

- Chris Beardshaw

The Chris Beardshaw Mentoring Scholarship has been created by the combined skills and resources of Chris Beardshaw Ltd, Bradstone and the Three Counties Agricultural Society.

It was the brainchild of Chris Beardshaw and launched at the Malvern Spring Gardening Show in 2007 to address the lack of emerging talent and skills within the horticultural sector.  

The Chris Beardshaw Mentoring Scholarship’s objective was to facilitate the sharing of the collective knowledge, skills and wisdom of our industry’s heavyweights with upcoming designers - as well as funding opportunities for showcasing their talent.

It was delivered free through a part-time programme of mentoring, teaching and experiential learning by members of the Chris Beardshaw Mentoring Scholarship team and Bradstone.

For those that have been through the experience it has given them the drive and stimulus to launch their careers as garden designers and we have enjoyed watching them create show gardens in their own right. 

Ultimately, for the people that have been awarded the scholarship they have benifited from this exciting and unique venture in which their skills, talents, passion and determination will flourish as the Chris Beardshaw Mentoring Scholarship team invest time and resources in the chosen scholar for a 12 month period.

" Working with Chris has been a once in a life time opportunity and it has provided a huge creative stimulus. It has been a fantastic and intense experience and I am very proud of the journey I have been part of. I now have a wonderful platform from which to go on and develop my design career."

Paul Hervey-Brookes - 2009/10 Chris Beardshaw Mentoring Scholar.


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