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Stunning textured patio paving.

Textured patio paving gives you the best of both worlds, offering contemporary flair and durable functionality.

Available in a range of four colours, each softened by fine white limestone chippings, Textured offers a wealth of design options. It’s also hardwearing enough to cope with the rigours of frequent outdoor use, at the same time as creating a delightful and charmingly modern backdrop for al fresco dining.

If you’re looking for patio slabs at affordable prices as well as something to transform your outdoor space, textured paving is the ideal solution for you.

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Dark Grey

Dark Grey







Size (mm) Colour Units/pack Pack weight (t) m2/pack Units/m2
600 X 600* DG/Bf/Gy/Rd 20 0.58 7.20 2.8
450 X 450 DG/Bf/Gy/Rd 40 0.70 8.10 4.9
600 X 300 Bf 21 0.30 3.80 5.6
300 X 300 Bf 42 0.30 3.80 11.1

2 ring circle - see Textured laying pattern

2.4m Bf 26 0.35 4.52 n/a

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We do not sell direct to consumers but through a network of national stockists in the UK, therefore we do not have pricing information on our website.

If you require pricing information you will need to contact your local Bradstone stockist.

To help with understanding the value of our products, we have labelled each of them so you can make a quick comparison between what may be considered a premium or more budget product range.

The pound sign label is indicative of value - the more pound signs, the more premium it is considered to be.

Ask your local Bradstone stockist for more information.

Need an installer? Get peace of mind with our Bradstone Assured service, professional garden landscapers carefully selected and approved by us to help you create the garden of your dreams.

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