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Old Town®

Timeless styling, countless possibilities.

Old Town is a patio paving solution that looks to the past for inspiration.

With its slightly riven appearance, tooling marks and weathered edges, Old Town garden paving bears a remarkably close resemblance to natural stone and is available in seven different sizes and three shade to give a truely random feel to any patio feature.

With a range of circle kits, walling and edging to match the paving options, this paving is the ideal choice to create a charming and traditional garden setting.

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Weathered Limestone

Weathered Limestone



Size (mm) Colour Units/pack Pack weight (t) m2/pack Units/m2
900 x 600* GG/WL 10 0.55 5.60 1.80
600 X 600 GG/WL 22 0.68 8.20 2.7
600 X 450 GG/WL 48 1.18 13.50 3.60
600 X 300 GG/WL 46 0.71 8.70 5.30
450 X 450 GG/WL 48 0.85 10.20 4.70
300 X 450 GG/WL 46 0.57 6.60 7.0
300 x 300 GG/WL 48 0.40 4.60 10.4

6.4m² patio pack - see Old Town laying pattern

2.8m x 2.3m GG/WL/Gir 35 0.53 6.40 n/a

2 ring circle - see Old Town laying pattern

2.8m GG/WL 36 0.52 6.15 n/a

Circle outer - see Old Town laying pattern

4.0m GG/WL 16 0.61 6.41 n/a

Squaring off kit for 2.8m circle - see Old Town laying pattern

2.8m GG/WL 12 0.13 1.69 n/a

Squaring off kit for 4.0m circle - see Old Town laying pattern

4.0m GG/WL 20 0.28 3.44 n/a

Sun Circle - see Old Town laying pattern

2.8m GG and MC 52 0.60 6.15 n/a

           Learn how to lay a patio and circle while creating a country garden with our videos

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Goes great with

Goes great with

Old Town walling

Traditional double sided walling system

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Also consider

Also consider

Old Town edging

Complement your paving with Old Town edging, available in two shades

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