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Old Town Paving Slabs | Traditional Garden Paving

Old Town®

Timeless styling, countless possibilities.

Old Town is a patio paving solution that looks to the past for inspiration.

With its slightly riven appearance, tooling marks and weathered edges, Old Town garden paving bears a remarkably close resemblance to natural stone and is available in seven different sizes and three shade to give a truely random feel to any patio feature.

With a range of circle kits, walling and edging to match the paving options, this paving is the ideal choice to create a charming and traditional garden setting.

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Weathered Limestone

Weathered Limestone



Size (mm) Colour Units/pack Pack weight (t) m2/pack Units/m2
900 x 600* GG/WL 10 0.55 5.60 1.80
600 X 600 GG/WL 22 0.68 8.20 2.7
600 X 450 GG/WL 48 1.18 13.50 3.60
600 X 300 GG/WL 46 0.71 8.70 5.30
450 X 450 GG/WL 48 0.85 10.20 4.70
300 X 450 GG/WL 46 0.57 6.60 7.0
300 x 300 GG/WL 48 0.40 4.60 10.4

6.4m² patio pack - see Old Town laying pattern

2.8m x 2.3m GG/WL/Gir 35 0.53 6.40 n/a

2 ring circle - see Old Town laying pattern

2.8m GG/WL 36 0.52 6.15 n/a

Circle outer - see Old Town laying pattern

4.0m GG/WL 16 0.61 6.41 n/a

Squaring off kit for 2.8m circle - see Old Town laying pattern

2.8m GG/WL 12 0.13 1.69 n/a

Squaring off kit for 4.0m circle - see Old Town laying pattern

4.0m GG/WL 20 0.28 3.44 n/a

Sun Circle - see Old Town laying pattern

2.8m GG and MC 52 0.60 6.15 n/a

           Learn how to lay a patio and circle while creating a country garden with our videos

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We do not sell direct to consumers but through a network of national stockists in the UK, therefore we do not have pricing information on our website.

If you require pricing information you will need to contact your local Bradstone stockist.

To help with understanding the value of our products, we have labelled each of them so you can make a quick comparison between what may be considered a premium or more budget product range.

The pound sign label is indicative of value - the more pound signs, the more premium it is considered to be.

Ask your local Bradstone stockist for more information.

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Goes great with

Goes great with

Old Town walling

Traditional double sided walling system

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Also consider

Old Town edging

Complement your paving with Old Town edging, available in two shades

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