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Anastasia Grizioti

I joined Aggregate Industries in September 2015 following my postgraduate studies at Cardiff University which led to an MSc Degree in Sustainable Energy and Environment. My interest for the industry has its origin in my undergraduate studies in Mineral Resources Engineering, where I was engaged in various projects and case studies involving the detection, the positioning, the extraction, and the processing of minerals.

What appealed me to apply for the Aggregate Industries Graduate Scheme was the fact that the scheme is meant to provide the trainees with all the necessary competencies for a career within a great company.  Aggregate Industries appeared to me as an excellent opportunity to further expand my knowledge and experience and to get involved in my two favourite areas: Minerals and Environment.

My first placement was in a Quarry in Plymouth. Executing the job of my first role there, I was exposed to the company culture and processes and had the opportunity to get a good idea of the industry.  I carried out various tasks from which I started getting a more in depth knowledge about the industry. This helped me to develop skills essential for my future progress.

I am currently in my second placement in the Operational Excellence Team of the South West, where I work for the Regional Maintenance Manager. I am involved in maintenance across the South West of UK which helps me to develop my operational experience. This new role gives me the opportunity to be mobile, visit different plants and Quarries, interact and work with their managers and employees, which will further assist my professional development within the company.

The graduate scheme, provides the opportunity to explore several paths of the business, helps to decide which career path best suits you to follow and which direction to pursue within the company. In my opinion, Aggregate Industries is an excellent company to work for, with many great people and team spirit well embedded in the company culture.

In Aggregate Industries I feel “safe” in every sense. I work for a company which cares for my future and my professional development as well as for my health and safety. One thing that Aggregate Industry Company would never negotiate is Health & Safety.

From my perspective, the two most important elements in professional life are 1- Enjoy what you do and 2- Feel secure. I am excited that in Aggregate Industries I have both.

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