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A1 Motorway Gdansk - Nowe Marzy, Poland

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A1 Motorway Gdansk

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A1 Motorway Gdansk
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High quality aggregates supplied to the construction of the highway; meeting the speed and high standards required

Key facts

Sector: Highway
Client: Gdansk Transport Company (GTC)
Contractor: Skanska NDI JV
  • 1,000,000 tonnes sub-base
  • 150,000 tonnes concrete aggregates
  • 250,000 tonnes asphalt sizes


The A1 motorway will provide an improved link between the north and south of Poland from the Baltic ports of Gdansk and Gdynia across the country to Vienna, Austria and then through Slovenia to meet the Mediterranean and the Adriatic. This means there will be a single transport priority route running from northern Europe to the south.


The construction of the Polish section is in several phases. The first section of 89.4km runs from Gdansk to Nowe Marzy in the north and was opened to traffic on 17th October 2008.

Yeoman Poland were chosen to supply this prestigious contract due to their ability to supply very large volumes in a short space of time (up to 200,000 tonnes/month) and to meet the highest quality standards (mark 50 according to Polish standards). Finally, the aggregates supplied had a perfect grading and shape for the required use, as well as superb physical and chemical properties.

Business supplying

A1 Motorway Gdansk

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