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A162 Barkston Ash footway Durakerb installed

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A162 Barkston Ash footway

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Durakerb installed at the A162 footway
1 of 1 | Durakerb installed at the A162 footway

A succesful application of Durakerb, ensuring the high standards were met whilst being easy to use and cost effective

Key facts

Sector: Highways
Client: NYCC
  • Easy application
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Versatile product


In order to meet NYCC's objectives and policies, Durakerb was trialled to determine and assess suitability, possible cost and time saving benefits of the product.

A trial was undertaken for a new footway adjacent to the A162 - a derestricted carriageway with an average width of 7km. Kerbs had 100mm check and set back 500mm from the edge of te carriageway. Kerbs would also have to tie into standard half batter PCC transition and radius kerbs a drop crossings and accesses.


A total length of 450m of Durakerb were laid on a large radius. Although Durakerb are linkd to each other, laying to a radius line presented no problems.

Site observations have noted that the kerbs have been overrun in places, although no damage or movement of kerbs has been caused, reducing maintenance costs.

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A162 Barkston Ash footway

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