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Bawdsey Rock Armour

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Bawdsey Rock Armour

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Rock armour combined with sea defence wall
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Rock armour supplied, overcoming logistics challenges, to help protect Suffolk coastal village following storms

Key facts

Sector: Coastal Defence
Client: N/A
Contractor: N/A
  •  2,500 tonnes of 1 to 3 tonne granite rock armour
  •  Close collaboration with haulage partners to meet challenges of site 
  •  Bespoke product and service offering meets clients needs 


When part of the clay embankment on the beach at Bawdsey began to deteriorate, action needed to be taken in order to protect the beach and cliff from further erosion. 

The small village, located on the Suffolk coast, is of key historical and scientific importance. After surveying the site and the nature of the deterioration, contractors decided rock armour would be the most suitable method of defence against the relentless tidal waves that the beach was well known for.   

The clay construction of the embankment meant further deterioration was inevitable. This was of key concern when selecting which sea defence solution was most appropriate as the aim was to slow down the erosion in order to preserve the beach levels and surrounding inhabited landscape. This would require a very specific type of rock armour, from a manufacturer with stocks of high quality materials, capable of delivering large quantities, on a range of haulage vehicles. 


Aggregate Industries was selected from a competitive tendering process to supply 2,500 tonnes of angular granite ranging in size from one to three tonne pieces.

When positioned as rock armour, granite of this size interlocks to produce a defence solution with minimal voids to limit how much water can penetrate the armour and cause further deterioration to the natural clay embankment. 

To assist in the creation of the rock armour, Aggregate Industries delivered the rock armour using two different types of delivery vehicle. The larger pieces of rock were transported on artic flat-bed wagons, whilst the smaller pieces were delivered on steel based tippers. 

This intelligent logistical solution made transportation and off-loading efficient and safe on site, meaning the engineers could easily combine the different sized granite to produce the most effective sea defence possible. 

This project was a real testament to Aggregate Industries’ logistical capabilities and willingness to work with the contractor in accordance to their national framework agreement guidelines, to make the project outcome as efficient and hard-wearing as possible.

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Bawdsey Rock Armour

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