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Chelmer Valley High School, Chelmsford

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Chelmer Valley High School, Chelmsford

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New, durable surface for Chelmer Valley
1 of 6 | New, durable surface for Chelmer Valley
Recreational facilities for the Pupils
2 of 6 | Recreational facilities for the Pupils
Lunch Hours made more fun
3 of 6 | Lunch Hours made more fun
New and improved sports facilities
4 of 6 | New and improved sports facilities
A new lease of life for the School
5 of 6 | A new lease of life for the School
Chelmer Valley High
6 of 6 | Chelmer Valley High

Chelmer Valley High School's old yard left much to be desired; but, with our Superflex Asphalt, we have given this school a new lease of life. Lunchtimes and after-school sports are now events for both Pupils and Teachers to look forward to.

Key facts

Sector: Education
Client: Chelmer Valley High School
Contractor: C.I.K. Construction
  • New durable surface for the aged, cracked existing playground
  •  Cost effective solution for the school’s budget
  •  Ease of application to avoid school disruption


The playground at Chelmer Valley High School had, with some 25 years of life behind it, become heavily cracked, and crazed over time. The existing surface, of fine cold asphalt, was in such a condition that simply ‘patching up’ the damaged areas was not a viable option.

The school required a durable, high quality solution to restore the aging playground that was cost effective, provided a safe surface and pleasant for recreational activities, was resistant to damage and that caused minimum disruption to student learning and recreation time.


Aggregate Industries liaised with the scheme’s main contractor, CIK Construction Limited, to ensure the correct asphalt - and methodology - was specified for the project, taking into account the school’s stringent funding, planned timescales and the logistics and health and safety implications of completing construction work during the school day. 

Through communicating effectively with the project team and contractors, it was decided that the most logical solution was to simply overlay the existing, damaged playground, as this method would eliminated the upheaval of removing the existing cold asphalt, which would have significantly extended the contract period and caused significant disruption to the school. 

Aggregate Industries Superflex asphalt range was selected for the project because its high fatigue and deformation resistant properties, combined with the low water permeability of this Performance Asphalt made it an ideal choice as an overlay of existing cracked surfaces.  The 6mm version was chosen because this would provide a smooth, good grip surface ideal for the students to use during both sporting and recreational activities and would provide good crack resistant properties.

CIK thoroughly swept the existing surface, made localised repairs where necessary, sprayed the surface with a hot applied bond coat and laid the 6mm Superflex at a depth of 40mm, as this depth would allow the maximum benefit of the materials crack resistant properties to be seen. Throughout the process CIK liaised very closely with the school  to ensure the project was quickly and safely completed on time.

Customer testimonials

The project itself was completed on time and we are still delighted with the end result. I would not hesitate to use CIK or Aggregate Industries material for other projects within our school in the future.
Kevin Luxon, Premises Manager
Chelmer Valley High School

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Chelmer Valley High School, Chelmsford

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