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Envirecover incinerator plant (Hartlebury)

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Envirecover incinerator plant (Hartlebury)

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Onsite facility continuously provided slip-form pour
1 of 3 | Onsite facility continuously provided slip-form pour
On-site batching plant supplied constant concrete supply
2 of 3 | On-site batching plant supplied constant concrete supply
4,100 cubic metres of ready-mixed concrete used
3 of 3 | 4,100 cubic metres of ready-mixed concrete used

Ready-mixed concrete, On site batching plant

Key facts

Sector: Public Sector
Client: Mercia Waste Management
Contractor: P.J. Carey
  • Installation of an on-site batching plant
  • 4,100 cubic metres of ready-mixed concrete supplied
  • Consisted mainly of high-strength RC45 mix concrete 


On behalf of Worcestershire County Council and the Herefordshire Council, waste management contractor Mercia Waste Management were tasked with sourcing specialist contractors to help deliver Worcestershire’s flagship Envirecover incinerator plant.

The new Energy from Waste (EfW) facility will form the final part of the integrated waste management plan to recycle and recover value from municipal waste arising across Worcestershire and Herfordshire.  When complete in 2017, the facility will treat up to 200,000 tonnes of domestic waste each year producing enough electricity to supply 20,000 homes.

Swiss-based technology provider Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI), civil engineering contractor P.J. Carey and heavy building materials supplier Aggregate Industries teamed up to deliver the slip-forming part of the project in 2015.

Outside of London, this job was one of Aggregate Industries’ largest slip-forms in recent years and was P.J. Carey’s largest slip-form project to date.


Collaboration for the project was key, with us working closely with P.J. Carey and design consultants Arup, six months in advance of the job to agree on final specification for the concrete required.

The nature of the continuous slip-form pour meant that once the process had begun, the concrete supplies could not be stopped at any point without risking major structural problems with the building and large cost implications for those involved.

We together with P.J. Carey developed a well formulated solution to ensure consistency of supply and reduce environmental impact, allowing for the supply of ready-mixed concrete 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until the slip-form was complete.

In total, 4,100 cubic metres of ready-mixed concrete was supplied from an on-site batching plant, which consisted mainly of high-strength RC45 mix for the 32 metre high building.

The mix used limestone course aggregate to deliver the required shrinkage properties for the concrete and was adapted during the pour with different doses of retarding admixture to ensure suitable workability and finish.

We had two ‘back-up’ plants in operation, fully stocked to hold the same materials package required of the job.  Kidderminster plant was in service during the day and the Aggregate Industries Three Counties plant, in Upton-upon-Severn, was on standby during the evenings and weekends.

Contingency plans were meticulously organised by us to ensure the continuous slip-form could be maintained over the 14 days. This included backup water, electricity, mixer and tipper truckers that remained on call in case of any breakdowns.  We also ensured there was a skilled team of staff on standby at all-times including technical representatives, supply chain representatives, operators and operational managers, who were all on 24hr standby.

The slip-form project proved to be both unique and challenging for parties involved. The collaboration between us and P.J. Carey is a case in example of how construction-based companies are able to successfully work closely together and develop a strong working relationship.

Customer testimonials

Aggregate Industries provided excellent technical back-up during the design process, and their delivery of the batching plant and subsequent on-site delivery of concrete to the slip-form works can only be described as first class.
Gordon Blair, Senior Project Manager
P.J. Carey

Envirecover incinerator plant (Hartlebury)

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