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Court Drive, Dunstable

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Court Drive, Dunstable

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Supercolour Exposed being layed at Court Drive
1 of 1 | Supercolour Exposed being layed at Court Drive

Key facts

Sector: Roads
Client: Bedfordshire Hughways Ameys Plc
Contractor: Aggregate Indsutries contracting division

Visual and aesthetic surface course

High performan


During 2012 Central Bedfordshire Council tasked Amey with a town centre improvement scheme to develop Court Drive in Dunstable. The scheme needed to encompass the concept of shared space & a “clear streets” policy. Amey contacted Aggregate Industries to ask for their help in developing the scheme, and in particular in providing aesthetically pleasing surface courses for the site.


Ameys removed the unwanted street furniture and changed the geometry of the road to open up the street scape to improve public amenity and access at the same time as improving safety.

Although this helped to improve the area, the challenge still remained to provide an asphalt surface course which would be more visually pleasing and aesthetic then a standard asphalt surface course.

Our asphalt technical team developed a new surface course product in consultation with Bedfordshire Highways Ameys Plc.   The new Supercolour Exposed asphalt is an SMA based mix that uses an aggregate selected on its visual appearance in addition to its engineering properties. Once the material has been laid, using conventional equipment and techniques, the bitumen coating the coarse aggregate is mechanically stripped away using a “High Velocity Impact Method” which involves shot-blasting the materials under carefully controlled conditions. This “exposes” the aggregate, allowing its inherent colour to be seen without damaging the integrity of the asphalt.

Customer testimonials

The enhancements have made Court Drive more attractive and have created an inviting and safe space that can be shared by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Court Drive, Dunstable

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