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Dorchester Road, Wheymouth

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Dorchester Road, Weymouth

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Durakerb replacemnt at Dorchester Road.
1 of 1 | Durakerb replacemnt at Dorchester Road.

The lightweight Durakerb is installed in this busy road scheme for its ease of use and installation

Key facts

Architect: Dorset County Council
Client: Dorset County Council
Contractor: Dorset Highways Operations
Engineer: Dorset County Council
  • 60 linear metres and 4 drop crossings installed in under 2 hours
  • At just under 6kg, the Durakerb is less than one third of the manual handling limit
  • HAPAS approved product and certified by BBA as satisfactory.


Dorchester Road was the former A354 main strategic route between Weymouth and Dorchester. It has now been replaced by the £87m Weymouth Relief Road and has been downgraded to a B road status. These improvement works reflect the changed usage and include road width narrowing, line marking removal, traffic calming (safety) measures including build outs, raising bus stop heights and generally de cluttering the road scene.

Whilst the road has been downgraded and its use has decreased significantly, it remains a bus route and fairly busy with local traffic. Whilst the works have been carried out we have managed traffic in such a way as to minimise disruption to road users and have required no road closures.


A wide range of Durakerb products were used in this scheme including bullnose, standard HB2s, droppers, radius and there was a certain element of installing Durakerb directly adjacent to conventional concrete products.

Durakerb has the benefit of improved productivity as they are one tenth the weight of the conventional equivalent and so do not require specialist lifting equipment for installation, they provide flexibility as their weight makes them easy to move into exactly the right position and wastage rates seem to be lower than concrete kerbs. In addition there are health, safety and welfare benefits as they can be sawn to size without risk of silica dust and their weight ensures minimal impact from manual handling.

As Durakerb is not a cement based product, the carbon emission savings are very noteworthy and this is one of the influencing factors in our choice compared to a more traditional approach.

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Dorchester Road, Weymouth

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