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Edenderry Power Station, County Offaly

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Edenderry Power Station - County Offaly

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Edenderry Power Station
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Edenderry imports our high quality silica sand for the plant’s fluidised bed boiler.

Key facts

Sector: Energy
Client: Edenderry Power Ltd
  • Successful supply chain
  • High grade material supply
  • Technical expertise


With alternative sources of electricity generation coming into focus, Edenderry in the Republic of Ireland originated as predominantly a peat fired condensing power station, which now uses more environmentally friendly bio-fuel, wood chip, sawdust and energy crops. The power station supplies 3% of the electricity in the Republic of Ireland, with a target of 10% green electricity production in 2010 and circa 30% renewable fuel by 2015.


Edenderry requires a continuity of supply, coupled with very high quality sands for both the boiler process and for the filtration media. We supply high grade sand for the plant's fluidised bed boiler. Specialist dried sands are used as a heat transfer agent to achieve a constant temperature. The company also supplies both silica sand and anthracite filtration media for filtering the water from the cooling towers. The expertise of the our team coupled with the range of high quality, specialist sands has helped ensure the ongoing performance of the plant. We currently supply 1,500 tonnes of material per annum.

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Edenderry Power Station - County Offaly

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