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Hollins Park Hospital, Warrington

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Hollins Park Hospital, Warrington

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Asphalt layed at Hollins Park Hospital
1 of 2 | Asphalt layed at Hollins Park Hospital
Asphalt layed at Hollins Park Hospital
2 of 2 | Asphalt layed at Hollins Park Hospital

Aggregate Industries lay DrainAsphalt at Hollins Park Hospital

Key facts

Sub contractor: J&P Road Surfacing
Client: NHS
Contractor: Excavation + Contracting UK Ltd. (Groundworkers - Devery & O'Halloran)
  • 20mm Drainasphalt was supplied over two days
  • Worked effectivly with Live traffic still in flow.


Having spoken to Ian Stenton, who is the Environment and Sustainability Officer at the NHS site, the brief for the job was to provide additional car parking space utilising a SUDS system without having to incorporate any extra drainage on greenbelt land that could potentially overload the existing drainage system. There was also a financial implication to the scheme, as they did not want to incur any further surface water costs.Therefore the design was to be based upon free draining porous materials.


J&P Road Surfacing have worked with the appointed groundworkers before, and primarily use Aggregate Industries for coated materials, so consequently they came to us with the enquiry. Having established the nature of the job, Drainasphalt was recommended. Once the order was confirmed, checks were made to ensure we had the bitumen available and that we could supply when the customer required. The laying of the binder course was done over two days due to the method employed in laying where the material was transported from the wagon via a dumper into the paving machine to minimise the disturbance of the aggregate layer that would have resulted had the delivery wagons accessed the job directly.

The following week the surface course was applied. We had to work effectively with the customer on deliveries due to it being a site where there was still live traffic using the existing hospital car park, and well organised traffic management was essential so that there was no build up of delivery vehicles.

Customer testimonials

Despite the nature in which the binder course had to be layed, the customer was very pleased with how the material performed, and the overall finish of the job, and added Aggregats Industries provided good service from start to finish.
Christopher Casey
Aggregate Industries

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Hollins Park Hospital, Warrington

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