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Leicester Regeneration Project

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Leicester Regeneration Project

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Granite paving, setts and kerbs provided.
1 of 6 | Granite paving, setts and kerbs provided.
Rejuvenated the city centre.
2 of 6 | Rejuvenated the city centre.
Desired aesthetics for the finished areas.
3 of 6 | Desired aesthetics for the finished areas.
Contributing to the public realm.
4 of 6 | Contributing to the public realm.
Provided a boost to the central shopping district.
5 of 6 | Provided a boost to the central shopping district.
Social and commercial hub.
6 of 6 | Social and commercial hub.

We worked closely with several teams to offer a contemporary design to help regenerate several areas of Leicester through use of high quality and hard wearing natural products.

Key facts

Architect: FPCR
Sector: Commercial
Client: Leicester City Council (Urban Design Group)
Contractor: Balfour Beatty / Aggregate Industries Contracting / Leicester City Council / Jacksons Civil Engineering
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Leicester city centre is being transformed by a major £19 million regeneration project that will see the development of shopping facilities, performing arts centres, residential accommodation and business districts.

To provide hard landscaping materials for ten pedestrian streets located within the ‘Streets and Spaces’ scheme and to link them to the new retail and cultural districts of the city centre. The products were required to fit in with and reflect the new clean-cut look of the streets of other recent city centre developments at the Shires Shopping Centre and Highcross Leicester, creating a unified theme across the city.


A paving material was required for ten pedestrian streets to link the new retail and cultural districts of the thriving city centre. A contemporary, cosmopolitan feel was sought to lift the social environment and highlight the city’s cultural atmosphere.

Aggregate Industries formed a close working relationship with the local architects and contractors involved and supplied £1.5 million worth of natural stone products, providing over 30,000m₂ of Chinese Natural Granite for kerbs and settspaving and benches, in a variety of different finishes and sizes to create a unique and individual look for each of the city’s streets.
Suitably hardwearing and practical, the granite typically lasts at least twice as long as concrete and is also recyclable. Our hard landscaping has also been used to create a Pedestrian Preference Zone, helping to increase access for visitors, reduce pollution and provide a safer and easier place to travel through.

The range of granite colours used includes a number of greens and pinks which take on an extra vibrancy when wet or damp. The material is also cut to a tight tolerance to enable precision laying in compact areas such as the city centre, where time taken to lay the product is also an important factor.

We haave been able to exceed the demands of the client and add a new dimension to a city full of vibrancy and possibility.

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Leicester Regeneration Project

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