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What is electronic trading (eTrading)?
Electronic trading is the exchange of documents between two organisations via electronic methods such as email, internet or a specialised subscription networks.

What Documents can be exchanged?
Most documents can be exchanged but for each new document type that is introduced, development and testing will be required. We currently send / receive the following documents electronically:

  • Invoices
  • Sales orders
  • Advanced shipping notices
  • Remittance advice notes
  • GRNS (Goods Received Notes)
  • Credit notes

What electronic methods do Aggregate Industries use?Internet - documents exchanged via the internet are sent via a specialised hub such as Tradex or COINS. Any organisation trading in this way is required to become a member of that hub and pays for the facility of being able to trade in this way.

EDI (Electronic data exchange) - This is well established technology that uses a specialised network to transmit messages. It is widely used by large retailers.

Email – We are able to send out invoices & credits daily and monthly statements to an email address of your choice instead of receiving them by the post. We are also able to track delivery so can proactively ensure that all such documents are successfully delivered to the correct email address.

Is there more than one hub that a customer may wish to trade via?
Yes. There are several hubs that are used within the construction industry and they include:

  • Tradex (offered by Causeway Technologies)
  • Asite
  • Burns
  • Kewill
  • GXS
  • OB10
  • Freeway
  • Tradocs

Which hubs do Aggregate Industries use and which is the preferred option?

  • Tradex
  • Coins

For customers wishing to use Asite and Burns, documents can be exchanged via Tradex due to a ‘hub alliance’ agreement drawn up by Causeway where Tradex will forward any documents to these hubs on our behalf. So if you are already using either of these hubs, trading with us electronically may be a lot easier than you think.

So what happens with an electronic document after it has been received / sent?
This really depends on the IT capabilities of the customer or supplier. Ideally, the document will be imported directly into the customers accounts system, verification checks made and then either invoice is ready to pay, or the order has been created (depending on the document type) without the need of any manual keying.

Where a customer / supplier has limited IT capabilities the electronic documents can simply be printed off once received and then keyed in to the accounts / sales system.

Are you able to accept supplier invoices electronically?
We are already accepting a high number invoices electronically from some key suppliers and would be keen to hear from any supplier who would like to submit their invoices in this way. For further information on this please contact Gavin Kite or Jodie Hicken on 01530 512120 or via email or simply fill in the online form.

What if I’m a small supplier keen to look at trading electronically with Aggregate Industries but do not have IT resource to set this up?
Our eTrading supplier, Causeway offer a “lite” version of their system, Tradex Active which is free of charge for suppliers submitting less than 500 invoices per year. This allows you to key in your invoices and submit electronically via a webpage

Next Steps…. If I am interested in looking at e-trading what are the next steps for me?
We have a dedicated e-trading team within the IT section based at Bardon Hill head office who will be pleased to speak to you and advise you further. Please contact Gavin Kite or Jodie Hicken on 01530 512120 or via email on

Further information on Tradex can be found at or by contacting Tim Cole who is the Tradex director of eBusiness solutions. Tim can be contacted on 01628 552000. Further information about Coins ETC can be found at or by contacting Matthew Jones who is the client services manager. Matthew can be contacted on 01753 501000.

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