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Marine plant hire

We can provide a range of marine access solutions including barges and pontoons of varying sizes and specialism’s to cater for a wide range of requirements on the River Thames and connected Waterways in London.

The experienced team can also assist with ensuring risk assessment and health and safety requirements are met, as well as systems are in place to maximise the efficiency of the solution. 

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We can also supply a wider range of more specialist craft through affiliates.

Tidal affects
The River Thames in tidal from Teddington, right through London and across to the Estuary. The tide rises and falls up to 7m twice daily and this significant flow of water up and down stream affects both drafts and air drafts as well as affecting speed of travel. The tide can have a dramatic affect on the loading / unloading and access to moored vessels. The team have decades of experience operating craft on the tidal Thames.

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