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Specialist cargo

We are experienced in coordinating the movement of specialist cargo into, out of and within London on the River Thames, Medway and connected Waterways in the South East. Previous projects the team have been involved in include:

  • Relocation of the last Concorde from Hammersmith to a museum in Scotland
  • Delivery of the London Eye Pod’s to the construction site at Waterloo
  • Transportation of a Eurostar Train through Tower Bridge to celebrate their 10th Birthday
  • A publicity stunt where a floating Wimbledon tennis match was towed through London

Tidal affects
The River Thames in tidal from Teddington, right through London and across to the Estuary. The tide rises and falls up to 7m twice daily and this significant flow of water up and down stream affects both drafts and air drafts as well as affecting speed of travel. With thorough planning even a vessel as large as the barge pictured above carrying Concorde can be navigated through London. This feat of navigational planning and execution involved a two week passage from the estuary to Hammersmith and back through the heart of the City.

Network support
Aggregate Industries can supply our ranges of products to any project through the network of railheads, wharves and via road transportation. Our approach to each contract ensures the best use of our logistics services.

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