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Packed cement products developed specifically to meet the demands of the modern building industry.

Lafarge cement products are developed, manufactured and supplied to the building industry with six fundamental principles in mind. This is why only the best cement products carry the Lafarge name.


  • Available throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland 
  • Sold in 25kg waterproof bags, can be stored outdoors
  • Higher 42,5N strength
  • Ideal for general purpose concrete
  • Ideal for mortars and renders
  • Ideal for screeds
  • Perfect for DIY applications



  • Available throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland
  • Sold in 25kg paper bags, store internally off the ground
  • Good for general purpose concrete
  • Good for mortars and renders
  • Good for screeds
  • Good for DIY applications




  • Supplied in a 25kg paper bag
  • High calcium, non-hydraulic
  • Enhances cohesiveness
  • Increases workability
  • Improves water retention
  • Supplied in a 20kg plastic bag
  • One bag per post
  • Quick setting
  • Rapid hardening
  • Pre-mixed - just add water
  • 52,5R strength cement
  • Supplied in 25kg bags, 64 bags per pallet
  • Contains no pigments

For more information or to order contact us on:

  • Sales into Great Britain  +44 (0)1285 646900 (option 4)
  • Sales into Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland  +44 (0)28 8676 7281

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