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Intelligent aggregates transportation

Serving many different demanding markets with consistent high quality granite, our dedicated fleet has a transport capacity of up to 11.5 million tonnes per year. The ships are constructed and equipped to:

  • Self discharge up to seven product grades
  • Maximum discharge rate of 6,000 tonnes per hour
  • Ship up to 250,000 tonnes per week
  • Fast loading and efficient turnaround
  • Long discharge boom to deposit directly onto quayside storage area or neighbouring vessel, reducing capital outlay for customers

Specially designed and equipped to efficiently transport and discharge aggregates and other dry bulk products in an environmentally responsible and economical manner.

The geographically remote nature of Aggregate Industries super quarries and their high quality reserve coastal locations requires efficient aggregates transportation by sea to our international ports. Purpose-built ships with up to 97,000 tonne cargo capacity are the key link in the supply of our products to customers throughout Europe and further afield; they are effectively the conveyor belts of the sea, linking the quarry to the markets.

The ships are constructed and equipped to efficiently self discharge up to seven product grades at a maximum discharge rate of 6,000 tonnes per hour. The quick discharge speed coupled with fast loading at Yeoman Glensanda, facilitates an efficient turnaround schedule of the vessels. Combined with their carrying capacity, this enables us to offer stable, long term and, when required, a rapid supply of aggregates to our customers.

ship capacity for aggregates

The long 'over the side' outreach of the conveyor discharge booms enables direct discharge to quayside storage areas, into hoppers or at sea transfer to other vessels/barges. The flexibility offered by this method of discharge also has benefits of limiting the capital outlay for our customers at the receiving terminal.

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