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High quality granite sand with superb grain shape available for a wide range of construction material purposes. Washed, graded and blended to suit customer needs, SuperSand provides a superior material consistency compared to natural sands.

Technical Benefits

  • Consistent quality – unrivalled material consistency allows predictable end-product characteristics
  • Micro-texture of grains ensures high cohesive strength
  • Consistently graded with excellent compaction and workability compared to natural sands
  • Best class freeze-thaw properties improves end-product life span
  • Products produced to EN standards. Clean, bespoke blends and unique grading available to meet specific customer requirements
  • Negligible lignite and clay content compared to other sands and fines materials

High Performance Concrete Material

  • Low absorption rate enables reduced binder input versus natural sands
  • Low alkali-silica reactivity – ideal for High Performance Concrete
  • Negligible clay content ensures material has no plastic limit, maintaining physical strength on contact with moisture

High Performance Asphalt Aggregate

  • Proven material performance in Asphalt SATS tests and binder affinity
  • Suitable for specialist Marshall Asphalt airfield solutions

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