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A professional range of bagged concrete mixes.

Products are available in a range of sizes from handy size to larger bulk bags.

Coarse concrete mix

A 20mm coarse aggregate grade suitable for foundation work over 75mm thick and for footings.

Fine concrete mix

A 10mm fine aggregate grade suitable for concreting drives, paths and similar areas where a fine finish is required.

Rapid set post mix

A rapid set concrete mix that is good when fixing posts where a quick-setting mix is required.

General purpose concrete mix

Suitable for concreting paving, paths, drives, fence posts, steps, hearths and general concreting where a fine finish is required.

Quick set post mix (dry)

Sand and cement mix (twin)

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CE marking information is available for our construction products which are manufactured to a harmonised European standard. View and download the relevant CE marking documentation.


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