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Garside Sands specialist silica sands are washed, dried and graded to meet your requirements.


Our Garside Sands range of natural silica sands have the following specialist characteristics:

  • A high silica content, typically above 90%, making the sand hard-wearing with low attrition rates
  • A 'sub-angular to rounded' grain shape
  • A naturally occurring colour range - from white through to yellow and brown

We produce a range of graded sands and associated products to meet the specific needs of a range of specialist sectors.

Our specialists silica sands are quarried at 3 locations within the UK: Ardleigh and Leighton Buzzard. Our third quarry, Levenseat, is located in Scotland.

Specialist sand applications

Typical applications include water filtration, brick manufacture, energy processing, sports pitches, amenities, horticulture and many others. Our specialist dried silica sand is exported all over the world due to its rare properties.

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