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Sand processing

Making the grade

To produce the quality and range of silica sand products required by industry, the sand goes through a number of processes:

  • Washing, drying and grading
  • Bagging / loading
  • Testing, sampling and monitoring Delivery

With appropriate planning consent, the valuable silica mineral is extracted through both traditional land-based quarrying methods and through dredging. We operate one of the only two dredged quarries in the UK, requiring specific expertise to extract the sand from below water.
Washing, drying and grading
To create the valuable dried, graded material required by many specialist industries, the sand is washed and dried then graded to precise specifications. The water from the washed sand then passes through a series of natural filtration processes to enable it to be re-used for subsequent washing process.
The dried sands are available coloured where an organic pigment is used. View more details on our range of coloured sand.
Testing, sampling and monitoring
During production, the sands undergo frequent and rigorous testing inline with strict ISO14001 procedures, with samples produced for customer approval.

We are committed to being an environmentally responsible operation and a considerate neighbour. Rigorous environmental testing takes place to ensure legislative and stakeholder needs are met.
We have a state-of-the-art bagging facility onsite. Through this, orders can be fulfilled in palletised 25kg or 12.5kg bags.
We offer both UK-wide delivery and exports all over the world where our specific mineral is required.

We are dedicated to using local, independent, long-standing haulage companies where possible - to both offer a delivery service with 'family values' and maintain our historic links with the area's economy.

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