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Leighton Buzzard silica sand quarry

Leighton Buzzard silica sand
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We supply a range of sand and gravel products from our quarry in Leighton Buzzard.

Our Garside Sands range of dried products are available loose, in 1t bags and in 25kg bags. Due to quarried sand and gravel being a naturally occurring material we cannot guarantee colour. 

Specialist Dried Sand Typical Size Range (mm)

Leighton Buzzard 5/8 3.35 – 2.00
Leighton Buzzard 6/14 2.80 – 1.18
Leighton Buzzard 8/16 2.00 – 1.00
Leighton Buzzard 10/18 1.70 – 0.85
Leighton Buzzard 14/25 1.18 – 0.60
Leighton Buzzard 16/30 (yellow or white) 1.00 – 0.50
Leighton Buzzard 18/25 Standard Sand (white) 0.85 – 0.60
Leighton Buzzard 2EW (brown) 0.71 – 0.25
Leighton Buzzard No. 21 (yellow) 0.71 – 0.25
Leighton Buzzard No. 60 (white) 0.71 – 0.25
Leighton Buzzard 25B grit 5.00 – 0.50 

Sports and Construction Sands (moist) Typical Size Range (mm)

Leighton Buzzard Washed Sharp Sand 5.00 – 0.15
Leighton Buzzard Medium Sand 2.00 – 0.15
Leighton Buzzard Ironsand 1.00 – 0.15
Leighton Buzzard Asphalt Sand 2.36 – 0.063
Leighton Buzzard Washed Yellow Sand 2.00 – 0.15
Leighton Buzzard Washed White Sand 2.00 – 0.15
Leighton Buzzard FSS (Fine Silica Sand)
Leighton Buzzard WFSS (Washed Fine Silica Sand)
Leighton Buzzard WFSS White (Washed Fine Silica Sand White)
Leighton Buzzard SFSS (Screened Fine Silica Sand)
Leighton Buzzard SSFSS (Special Screened Fine Silica Sand) 

Coloured Sands 

Garside Coloured Sportsand – terracotta and green
Various dried grades and colours are available for sports and decorative applications.

Filtration Media
Support Gravels
Manganese Dioxide
Garnet Sand 

Recycled Glass Sand - various grades and blends

Please contact us with your requirements.

Rootzone and sand/soil blends - a range is available

Please contact us with your requirements.

Grain Shape: Sub Angular to Rounded


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CE marking information is available for our construction products which are manufactured to a harmonised European standard. View and download the relevant CE marking documentation.


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