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We have range of products for the commercial sector, for more details please select the product name.

For technical information and pricing please contact us and speak to an Asphalt expert.


A range of red coloured asphalt products, particularly used where colour differentiation is deemed important.

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The bespoke car parking solution which has been designed and engineered to provide a tough, hard wearing, low maintenance asphalt surface.

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A permeable asphalt which allows water to pass through to the underlying structure.

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A direct replacement for DBM/HDM50 base, delivering performance as well as environmental savings.

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Superflex (surface course range)

Highly durable material with excellent skid resistance.

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Supercolour Ultra

The special binder is readily pigmented and provides a wide range of asphalt colours.

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Patented sustainable micro foamed mix process that provides the performance of hot mix asphalt but is produced and laid at reduced temperatures to increase longievity of the end result.

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Supercolour Exposed

Durable, coloured asphalt surfaces courses that gain their colour by exposing the natural colour of the coursing aggregates used in the mix.

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Superlow Technology

A lower temperature asphalt for quicker, more sustainable project completion.

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