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An asphalt service to meet your needs

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Our collection of industrial asphalt products will suit an array of projects, no matter how big or small. From Supreme and Superstrong asphalt that’s resilient and durable and perfect for heavily loaded areas to Superflex, offering skid resistance and Superpatch, for emergency repairs.

Whatever your project, we’re sure we can help.

What Asphalt? To find out more information on technical aspects and pricing please contact us to speak to an Asphalt expert.


A direct replacement for DBM/HDM50 base.

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Superflex (surface course range)

Highly durable material with excellent skid resistance.

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High stiffness, resilient asphalt for base and binder course layers.

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A highly compactable, very strong and durable asphalt, for use in very heavily loaded areas.

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Reliable solution for emergency repairs.

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A range of surface course products based on European based stone mastic asphalt technology.

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Patented sustainable micro foamed mix process that provides the performance of hot mix asphalt but is produced and laid at reduced temperatures to increase longievity of the end result.

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