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SuperSafedress asphalt
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SuperSafedress asphalt

A BBA / HAPAS approved ultra-thin asphalt surfacing material that can be laid 12mm thick incorporating polymer modified technology. The material is installed by pavers that include an integral spray bar for applying a polymer modified bond-coat immediately before the asphalt layer.

Key benefits

  • BBA / HAPAS approved
  • Polymer-modified bond-coat forms a waterproof seal to the existing surface and creates a strong interlocking bond as bond coat migrates into the matrix of the material holding it in place
  • Impermeable, untrafficked bond coat
  • Reduced noise
  • Cleaner operation
  • Can remove ruts from pavement in one pass
  • Can be trafficked within 15 minutes
  • Speed of application about three times quicker than for other thin surfacings
  • Can be used as an overlay option.


  • Urban highways
  • Rural highways.


  • Infrastructure.

Technical Data Sheets


  • SuperSafedress®
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Asphalt portfolio

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