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Cycle Kerb
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Eco Countryside cycle segregation system, London
2 of 4 | Eco Countryside cycle segregation system, London
Cycle Kerb, Cambridge
3 of 4 | Cycle Kerb, Cambridge
Eco Countryside Cycle Kerb Segregation System
4 of 4 | Eco Countryside Cycle Kerb Segregation System
33% reduction to CO2
82% non-primary material

Two brand new innovative integrated systems designed to safely segregate cyclists from passing traffic. 

  • Designed to provide edge restraint in pedestrain vehicular application
  • The Eco Countryside mix incorporates up to 82% recycled material content
  • Range of accessories to suit a variety of applications including droppers, crossing kerbs, radius kerbs, quadrants, transition kerbs, angles, offlets, marginal strips and marker channels.

Eco Countryside Cycle Kerb

Charcon's Eco Countryside Cycle Kerb is a one peice unit that is quicker to lay and is capable of withstanding vehicular impact. Replicating the aesthetics of natural granite but, made from 82% recycled and secondary material content, Eco Countryside Cycle Kerb offers a 33% carbon reduction in comparison to a natural granite alternative.

Cycle Kerb

Charcon's standard Cycle Kerb was developed in conjunction with Cambridgeshire County Council as part of their transport strategy. The kerb can withstand vehicular overun but has an angled profile creating a gentle and smooth transition between the carriageway and cycle lane.

  • Note: We take great care in the photographic accuracy of our product swatches. However we recommend that clients obtain current production samples as a general indication of colour before final selection.

NBS Data

Q10 - 110 Precast Concrete Kerbs Edges and Channels
  • Q10 - 110 Precast Concrete Kerbs Edges and Channels
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CE marking information is available for our construction products which are manufactured to a harmonised European standard. View and download the relevant CE marking documentation.

Huntingdon Road Cycleway, Cambridgeshire
Cambridge Kerb supplied to Cambridgeshire County Council

Huntingdon Road Cycleway, Cambridgeshire

  • Open

Charcon's Eco Countryside Cycle Kerb was designed and used to segregate cyclists from traffic and save lives on TfL's Cycle Superhighway. Find out more about the scheme and Charcon's innovative solution below.

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