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Insulating Concrete Formwork

ICF consists of two skins of Expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation either side of a defined void in which RMX concrete is pumped. The EPS skins are separated using a grid of plastic ties which lock together without any intermediate bedding materials to provide the formwork. The formwork stays in place to give the wall its required thermal insulation which can reach down to levels as low as 0.11 W/m2degk.

The wall construction is extremely airtight and the building shell can be built to meet the German ‘Passivhaus’ standard  required (depending upon final doors and window specification).

Using the compressive strength properties of the concrete core, precast concrete upper floors can easily be incorporated into the design and supported by the ICF walling system. With no linear cold bridging conditions occurring, due to the external skin of EPS insulation positioned to the outside face of the floor slab section, the ICF shell provides an ideal thermal envelope resulting in vastly reduced energy bills and a minimal internal space heating requirement.

Building on flood plains:

A solution for building new residential units on areas prone to potential flooding can be achieved using a series of mini-piles and a precast ground beam arrangement, with the ICF house then constructed on the podium deck, allowing flood water to pass beneath the raised ground floor area.

Ready-mixed concrete options:

Aggregate Industries has developed a number of sustainable ready-mixed concretes for ICF applications which can be delivered through our own concrete teams. The “ICF-Crete” mixes are available in a variety of strengths and densities with the inclusion of cement replacements and can include recycled and secondary aggregates where required. 

We were the first construction materials company worldwide to be certificated under the BRE (Building Research Establishment) Global BES6001 Framework for Responsible Sourcing for the production of its construction materials. This certification gives credits towards all BREEAM schemes including the Code for Sustainable Homes.

All of our ready-mixed concrete is manufactured under the QSRMC quality assurance scheme and complies with EN206 BS8500. ICF- Crete has been specifically designed to be used as an ICF pump grade ready-mixed concrete and comprises of an S3 slump classification together with a small (10mm) aggregate size. Each mix design can also be tailored to fulfill the specification of the client, whether it contains a required percentage of replacement and/or secondary materials.

View ICF-Crete technical information

Flooring options for ICF systems
Aggregate Industries also produces various flooring types to suit ICF systems. 

Concrete options for ground floors include:

  • Ready-mixed concrete slab
  • Raft foundations
  • Piled foundations and ground beams

Concrete options for upper floors include:

  • Precast beam and block floors
  • Precast beam and ready-mixed concrete cast on polystyrene formwork
  • Precast hollowcore slabs
  • Precast solid slabs



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