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Minimix truck delivering Drivecrete concrete
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A ready-mixed concrete specially designed to be easy to place and virtually maintenance free.

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Key benefits

Drivecrete when correctly specified and placed:

  • Will meet and exceed the relevant British and European Standards
  • Is economical and easy to use
  • Is a high quality pavement concrete
  • Has high workability (on request)
  • Offers excellent final finish
  • Will resist freeze/thaw damage in winter
  • Is manufactured from responsibly sourced materials
  • Can be used with reinforcement.

Additional benefits will be seen with the addition of polypropylene fibres which will enhance the mix by:

  • Providing longer lasting concrete
  • Reducing the need for crack control wire mesh
  • Offering greater resistance to impact and abrasion wear
  • Minimising plastic cracking.


Most external driveway and paving applications.


Domestic and commercial.

Technical Data Sheets


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CE marking information is available for our construction products which are manufactured to a harmonised European standard. View and download the relevant CE marking documentation.


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