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Frequently asked questions about concrete

Frequently asked questions

1: How much concrete do I need?
Please use our concrete calculator 

2: How much notice do I need to give when ordering concrete?
Ideally 24 hours or more. However we understand that this is not always possible and will always try and accommodate orders if we have capacity to supply them. As a rule of thumb the more notice that we have the greater the availability of delivery time slots.

3: What are the size and weights of the Minimix delivery vehicles?
Minimix use both 3m³ and 4m³ truck mixers depending on location. Please see information on our  vehicle sizes . (These are average sizes and individual vehicles all vary slightly)

4: What protective clothing is required? General health and safety…
See our health and safety guide

5: How long does it take for the concrete to set?
Once the concrete arrives on site you usually have between 1 to 2 hours to level and compact the surface before it goes off. This varies with different mixes and also weather conditions can effect this time.

6: How do I prepare for laying concrete? How do I cure concrete?
Please see our DIY Guide to handling Concrete

7:I need to use wheelbarrows to move concrete, how many loads will it be to empty the truck? Does the drive carry wheelbarrows?
On average it takes around 22 wheelbarrows per 1 m³ of concrete. The drivers do not carry any wheelbarrows.

8: When the delivery arrives on site how long can I have to unload the concrete?
30 minutes of time is included in the price of the order, after this time waiting time is charged at £90.00 per hour.

9: What methods of payments do you accept?
We accept cash, cheques (provided with name address and telephone number on reverse) also all major credit and debit cards.

10: What mix do I need?
See our technical mix descriptions.

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