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Please find below our range of ready-mixed concrete products delivered through our Minimix service.

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  Designated Standardized Consistence
Unreinforced foundations DC-1 concrete mixes mixes (How wet)
Blinding and mass fill concrete GEN1 ST2 S3
Strip footings GEN1 ST2 S3
Mass concrete foundations GEN1 ST2 S3
Trench fill GEN1 ST2 S4
Drainage work to give immediate support GEN1 ST2 S1
Other drainage works GEN1 ST2 S3
Oversite slabs below suspended floors GEN1 ST2 S3
  Designated Standardized Consistence
General Applications mixes mixes (How wet)
Kerb and path edgings bedding and backing GEN0 ST1 S1
  Designated Standardized Consistence
Floors mixes mixes (How wet)
Permanent finish to be added, e.g. screed or floating floor GEN1 ST2 S2
No permanent finish to be added, e.g. Carpet etc GEN2 ST3 S2
Garage floors with no embedded metal GEN3 ST4 S2
Wearing surface floor: light foot and trolley traffic RC25/30 ST4 S2
Wearing surface floor: general industrial RC32/40 N/A S2
Wearing surface floor: heavy industrial RC40/50 N/A S2
  Designated Standardized Consistence
Paved areas mixes mixes (How wet)
House drives, paths and domestic parking PAV1 N/A S2
Heavy duty external paving with rubber tyre vehicles PAV2 N/A S2
Aggressive ground conditions DC-2 to DC-4 concrete (The old class of sulphate conditions)
Please consult your local office
Minimix D.I.Y user friendly mixes
Foundation mix . . S3
Driveway mix . . S2
Structural mix . . S2
Agricultural mix . . S2
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CE marking information is available for our construction products which are manufactured to a harmonised European standard. View and download the relevant CE marking documentation.


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