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High Rise-Crete®

High Rise-Crete concrete
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High Rise-Crete® concrete

High Rise-Crete is the high strength, high performance, cost efficient concrete alternative to the constraints of steel construction. Sophisticated structures having minimal environmental impact can be achieved using High Rise-Crete.

Key benefits

When correctly specified and constructed High Rise-Crete:

  • has a carbon efficiant structure developed for environmental suitability as well as performance
  • is designed to enable placement by pump based on our experience of pumping concrete as high as 40+ floors in one pass
  • has a high thermal mass reducing the requirement for energy intensive, high maintenance air conditioning
  • has good acoustic performance
  • is completely non-combustable and has a slow rate of heat transfer, making it a highly effective barrier to the spread of fire
  • can be coloured to match project colour schemes
  • can be designed to be self compacting


High Rise-Crete can be utilised in all forms of concrete frame construction and in situations where vertical pumping to high levels is necessary. We have yet to encounter an application or specification, who’s requirements exceed the capability of  High Rise-Crete. Similarly there are no known limits to the type of finish that may be achieved or supplied.


  • Buildings
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Technical Data Sheets

High-Rise Crete®

  • High-Rise Crete®
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