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Highpave is a range of fibre reinforced pavement grade ready mixed concretes that reduce the errors associated with the use of conventional reinforcing methods.

Where your critical path includes paving, Highpave is available in a high performance grade that will achieve the required compressive strength in as little as 24 hours offering considerable savings in programme.

Highpave provides you with a high performance, secure fast track solution to many of the more challenging aspects of construction such as:

Rapid access Highpave RA
High abrasion resistance Highpave WR
High strength requirement Highpave HS
High durability Highpave HPC
Low shrinkage Highpave LS

Key benefits

Highpave when correctly specified will deliver

  • Unparalleled ease of pavement construction.
  • Very rapid access, full set in 2 hours and up to 35N/mm2 after 8 hours.
  • High volume stability reduced shrinkage
  • Superior toughness when subjected to mechanical forces and plant
  • Possible reductions in section, subject to design when compared to traditional concrete.
  • Certainty of reinforcement location
  • Possible savings over conventional steel mesh reinforcement
  • Reduction in joints through larger panel construction


Highpave® can be utilised in all forms of pavement and ground supported slab construction for residential, transport infrastructure, office and administrative buildings as well as materials recycling, petrochemical, military engineering, hotels, schools and hospitals.

Highpave can be tailored to the particular challenges of your contract and has yet to find a limit to the application of this technology.


  • Infrastructure
  • Buildings
  • Industrial

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NHBC guidance notes

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The aggressive environment required a concrete that would resist both abrasive and dynamic forces.

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