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Engineering Doctorate Programme, collaboration between Aggregate Industries and Loughborough University

Aggregate Industries have a close relationship with the University of Loughborough’s Centre for Innovation and collaborative construction engineering facility and currently sponsor two Engineering Doctorate students, Ron Lang and Eirini Mantesi, their specific study areas are as follows:-

  • Ron Lang “Prospects for the use of heavyweight construction methods in UK housebuilding”
  • Eirini Mantesi “Developing a new evidence base for high thermal mass buildings”

The work undertaken by these students forms a vital part of the overall picture for heavyweight building materials as we move into a new era of construction, where energy conservation, building performance and reduced carbon will have much greater impacts on the types of construction used within the built environment than ever seen before.

With statutory regulations now well on the way towards the zero carbon target setup by Central Government, the industry will see much innovation and change as we move forward and align with the rest of Europe, to improve insulation standards, improve airtightness and reduce linear thermal bridging in construction.

Sustainable construction

We benefit from the resources and capabilities of a highly skilled research and development team, based in the UK, looking at bringing together the products from Aggregate Industries with the latest technology and innovation. The team have successfully brought many new products to market, and are the recipients of a number of industry awards.

Innovation along the value chain also helps us to promote new sustainable construction methods in the construction materials industry, and we support research and development into eco-efficient and sustainable solutions. This is all the more urgent because the built environment accounts for some 40 percent of energy consumption in the world today (EU estimate).

We benefit from our knowledge transfer with Holcim (our parent company).  Holcim continuously carries out intensive research into new products and expert production systems, enabling us to offer our customers superior product performance and efficiency gains.

Principles and expertise

Our two overriding concerns are health and safety, and sustainability. Our products and practices are regularly reviewed in order to meet and exceed environmental standards and we remain at the forefront of developments in our sector.

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