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Ripon’s reedbeds are a resounding success

Ripon City Quarry, North Yorkshire

By Phil Jackson, Biodiversity and Restoration Advisor

Nov 2014

Ripon City Quarry is proud to be playing a leading role in supporting both the local construction market and enhancing the biodiversity at the North Yorkshire quarry.

Progressive restoration at Ripon City Quarry saw the development of a fabulous reedbed habitat. They were planted to encourage nesting birds and other species including bittern, reed warblers and specialist invertebrates. The wetland habitat also helps to improve flood defences in the area, especially for the City of York.

Building the new reedbeds at Ripon City Quarry

Monthly bird surveys monitor the changing population as the maturing reed beds start to have a positive impact on the area’s biodiversity.

There is a thriving colony of bats in the area and surveys to monitor their numbers are also carried out at the site every three months.  We have even spotted otters.

Everyone working onsite is delighted to be involved in creating an area of natural beauty - all doing their bit to enhance biodiversity by encouraging new species to the area.

Quarrying activities have taken place at Ripon City Quarry since the 1950's and a recent planning application has granted permission for several further years of operation. When the site eventually closes, we know that local people will have something special to enjoy for years to come. 

Once extraction in the new areas of the quarry is completed the land will be used for agriculture, recreational areas and another 14ha of reedbed to further increase the diversity of flora and fauna. The areas set aside for nature, including the reedbeds, will be handed over to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

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