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Providing clarity in our CO2 numbers

Carbon footprint and environmental product declarations


Carbon footprints are readily available for products, but are often not directly comparable. We have the capability to give customers embodied process carbon footprints for our products and can provide indicative Green Guide ratings for any ready-mixed concrete product at one of our UK mainland plants.

We have written a document, Type II Declaration of Carbon Footprint of Operations, to provide clarity to those who seek and receive embodied carbon dioxide (carbon footprint) numbers from us.

This data is (at the time of writing) based on the operational unit and is expressed as kg of CO2/tonne of product/m3 of ready-mixed concrete.

The information provided is based on data for the previous full year’s production at the particular operation. For example a request for the carbon footprint for the range of products from a particular quarry in October 2014 would be based on energy consumption and tonnage figures for the whole of 2013. The conversion factors contained within the calculation are for carbon dioxide only and not carbon dioxide equivalents.

The short document is aimed to support and inform customers about the generic carbon footprints available from us. For further information please contact Donna Hunt at or call 01530 816600.

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