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The transport sector alone accounts for 24.1% of CO2 emissions worldwide (World Resources Institute, 2005) but its importance in local commuting, linking the global system of cities and stimulating economic interactions, is crucial.

From former country homes set in rolling parkland to portable cabins on industrial estates, we operate across a large geographic spread and in some very contrasting locations.

On average our employees who work at a fixed location live around 14 miles from their place of work. Due to the often remote locations of our sites, the option for using public transport is limited. Whilst we do not actively encourage our employees to reduce travel related emissions in their commute to work, we do encourage the use of phone and video conferencing rather than making journeys for meetings.

The limit for company cars is set at 160g CO2/km. This is reviewed on an annual basis and a plan has been initiated to replace more polluting vehicles already in circulation.

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