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Our contracting divisons is responsible for road surfacing, civil engineering and traffic management projects. By the nature of the operations we undertake, we have a requirement for a large fleet of light vehicles such as transit vans. These vehicles travel significant miles during the course of a year.

In line with our business objectives to become more energy efficient and achieve reductions in CO2 a variety of evaluation projects have been undertaken to identify a practical and balanced solution to the reduction of vehicle fuel use over the past two years.

These trials explored and have included some promising opportunities such as hybrid engine combinations, all electric, engine re-mapping and more recently “EcoDrive +” an engine monitoring system which communicates both visual and audio reminders when uneconomic driving styles are being used.

The “EcoDrive +” drive system has proved a very simple means of achieving a 10% reduction in fuel use. For example a standard Ford transit improved from 22.9mpg to 25.8mpg. We calculate that saving like this would give typical reductions of 183 tonnes of CO2 for the combined fleet.

The driving style monitor could also deliver additional benefits in terms of reduced vehicle repairs – reflected by more conservative driving styles. With drivers adopting new techniques for their personal driving they will achieve environmental and financial benefits both at work and home.

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