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Waste is an unnecessary cost to society and business

At Aggregate Industries we don’t like waste; for one thing it costs us money but we also understand that resources are finite.  Waste is an unnecessary cost to society and business

We now have the best ever understanding of the waste we generate and send for treatment or disposal.  In 2010 we started our journey of zero waste to landfill, introducing centralised contracts in 2012 to improve site segregation and recycling, and centralised reporting. Since then significant improvements have been made in our understanding and accuracy of reporting and site waste management. Our target remains zero waste to landfill, 

Working with a couple of suppliers provides consistent information and training given to our employees about how we manage and segregate wastes onsite. Both suppliers operate dedicated customer service lines to manage the services and provide advice on improving recycling rates. Sites surveys were repeated during the year to identify additional reductions in landfilled waste and all sites have access to additional support if required.

2013 was the first year where all sites were covered by the central contracts for hazardous and non-hazardous waste services, delivering improvements to segregation and recycling rates across all sites. The waste we now send to landfill predominantly comprises material that cannot be recycled, the challenge therefore is to find solutions to reduce reuse or reprocess this material so that we can meet our zero landfill objective by 2016.

Our commitment and goals

• Zero waste to landfill by 2016

• Reduce the volume of waste generated year on year

• Optimise the use of non-primary material

Aggregate Industries' zero waste to landfill journey

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