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Bardon Hill Community Fund

The Fund details 

Planning permission (ref. 2010/0076/07 & 2010/0041/04) for the extraction of 132Mt of mineral from an area adjacent to Bardon Hill Quarry, use of the overlying overburden to complete the eastern tip, create perimeter embankments and partially infill the current quarry and to link the new operation to the existing operation using conveyors was granted in August 2011

The planning approval was granted subject to a Section 106 legal agreement.  Schedule 3 Clause 1 (1) Community Fund 

Aggregate Industries is providing a fund totalling £400,000 to support local community initiatives for the benefit of residents around Bardon Hill Quarry. Eligible organisations will include voluntary and community groups together with official organisations, for example community, statutory and voluntary agencies. As set out in the Section 106 Agreement, schemes applying for funding must demonstrate a direct and reasonable relationship with Bardon Hill Quarry.

The fund will be established in tranches. The first tranche of £40,000 is expected to be made available in January 2017, followed by the annual release of £40,000 each January for the following nine years.

The Community Fund Criteria 

The type of project that is likely to be supported is one that includes some or all of the following aspects:

·        Shows a direct and reasonable relationship with Bardon Hill Quarry

·        Provides a clear and sustainable benefit to the people of the area

·        Encourages involvement for a wide range of age groups

·        Supports a generally unsupported cause

·        Provides the seed capital to a much larger project

·        Includes match funding from other funding source

There is no minimum application level, but careful consideration should be given to applications of less than £500. The sub-committee may choose to part fund and application contingent on match funding being obtained elsewhere.

It is likely that those applications which cover the following or similar, would not be supported:

·        Ongoing contributions for revenue costs such as rent, staff, vehicle running costs etc.

·        Party political motivated projects

·        Projects that implicitly or explicitly discriminate against any group or individual within the community

·        Projects that have a negative or divisive impact in the area

For full list of Bardon Subcommittee dates click here.

Eligible Applicants

Applications are welcomed from bona fide voluntary and community groups, together with official organisations, for example Parish Councils, charities, community, statutory and voluntary agencies. For the purposes of this Fund, organisations will need to demonstrate at least:

·        An informal constitution which explains the goals and objectives of the group or organisation;

·        Formal financial arrangements (for example independent club/society/treasurer bank account with at least two authorised signatories)

·        A ratified organising committee or executive

·        A membership concomitant with the goals and objectives of the group or organisation

Please find the application form here. Fill in and return to the address detailed in the document.

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