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Gaining planning permission to extend Bardon Hill Quarry


The planning application process for extending or opening a new quarry can take many years.

At Bardon Hill in Leicestershire we successfully gained planning permission to extend the life of the site in May 2011. The application was submitted some 18 months before – and community consultation began two years before that.

We made presentations to different organisations with an interest in or responsibility to the area, took over 70 people on quarry tours, held three series of public exhibitions which were attended by 310 people, sent information and updates on the proposal to over 6,000 homes and met with 42 local residents in their own homes.

Quarrying has taken place at Bardon Hill since the middle of the 19th centuary

Feedback from this exercise was sought to influence the details of the proposals and to accommodate expressed views wherever possible. Over 50 direct responses were been recorded with many of the suggestions being included in the final application.

Sheep graze the SSSI at Bardon Hill

Through local engagement we have committed to a number of projects designed to enhance the lives of the people living within this community. These commitments include the development of an environmental study centre for the use of visitors and local groups, funding speed limit measures on one of the roads surrounding the estate, open increased access points to the network of footpaths across the estate and the creation of more heathland.

Gaining the permission to extend the life of the site by 50 years is fantastic news for us and for Coalville. Bardon Hill already has a 150 year history as a quarry, and we are really delighted that its life will now be extended, safeguarding the jobs of many local people and injecting significant funds into the local economy.

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Planning for the future at Bardon Hill

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