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Historically, thriving communities have been created around quarries. Advances in technology, changing job roles and the need for greater efficiencies to make our operations more economically sustainable, make our industry very different to what it was 100, 50 and even 10 years ago.

With these changes it is inevitable that we have lost some of the connection with what it is we do and the perception of what society believes we do. We invest heavily on landscaping our sites and many of our operations are not visible from the road. This approach is intentionally taken, not to hide away our operations, but to help minimise the visual and physical impacts on our neighbours.

Visiting us

To promote the work we do, we welcomed 1,898 visitors who came to find out more about our operations in 2015. Site tours, open days, exhibition stands at village fetes and individual community liaison groups are just some of the ways that we share with our communities more about what we do. More importantly, when our visitors leave, they take with them a greater appreciation of our work and the professionalism of our colleagues.

If you live nearby one of our operations and would like to learn more about it contact us.


Within our communities we gave financial support to projects to the value of £83,462 during 2015 and donated materials that we have produced to the value of £57,275. In line with our community plan our efforts are becoming more targeted towards in-kind donations; volunteering our man power and expertise. All our employees are encouraged to take off a day with pay to volunteer within the local communities in which they work. Some volunteer in local schools helping teach numeracy, others help homeless charities but the most common activity is working with nature organisations to improve the local environment. We record donations from 2008 to date.

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