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As part of being a sustainable business, we want to help people live better lives. Not just through the use of our innovative products and services, but by sharing our colleagues' skills and knowledge, and really engaging with people and communities. 

The Leicester Tigers Foundation and Aggregate Industries have partnered to provide a new community programme aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle, teamwork and self-confidence in young people across the Midlands.

Sport in the community

The Concrete Rugby programme involves Tigers players and staff lead training schemes to around 1,000 students aged 11-14 over the coming year, spreading the ethos of teamwork, respect, discipline and sportsmanship, all whilst having fun.

Not only will the programme encourage an enjoyment of exercise but it will also give us the chance to talk about a wide range of issues, from staying safe online to healthy eating, drugs and other topics relevant to 11-14 year olds. Overall we want to help the next generation build their knowledge, self confidence and personal motivation. 

Supported by Aggregate Industries colleagues, Concrete Rugby will be a positive, exciting opportunity for young people to experience a new sport and learn new skills. Concrete Rugby is an excellent programme for helping young, local people become ever more rounded individuals with a passion for living and teamwork.


Concrete Rugby  
Concrete Rugby   Concrete Rugby  


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