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Employing 3,500 FTE’s, we have a great wealth of knowledge and skills within our business and are keen to share this with other organisations and groups.

One example of this in practice is the package of in-kind benefit provided to the London Wildlife Trust.

To date this has included:
• HR consultancy
• Practical health and safety guidance
• Design advice for a planned new building
• Advice with planning applications and land management
• Volunteering labour with The London Wildlife Trust work on the Greenway - adjacent to the Olympic Park site.

This approach has also been used with other organisations throughout the UK providing them with valuable skills and expertise they would probably not be able to access from within their business. This type of community support compliments the more traditional methods of donating cash and materials.

If you think that we may be able to help with a project that you are working on, please contact us.

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