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Diversity: the make up of our team

Attracting the next generation


We recognise that our employee profile, in terms of diversity, presents us with many challenges. As an industry, we recognise that we must attract younger recruits to our sector. Through careers evenings and development days our Futurepath programme seeks to inform students of the career choices we are able to offer.

Aggregate Industries' bursary with the University of Leicester

Through a bursary programme established in 2008, Aggregate Industries provides financial support and work placements during the summer months, to geology students from The University of Leicester.  Three beneficiaries of the scheme have since come to work for Aggregate Industries as trainee quarry managers.

Educational links are strengthened through ongoing partnerships with schools and colleges across the UK. This sees us supplying expertise, advice and materials for career days and building projects such as those provided through the Young Enterprise scheme.

Recruiting the best talent

It is not only the age of our workforce that presents us with challenges. It is evident that we employ more men than women and only a small percentage of our employees class themselves as belonging to an ethnic minority. Our policies on recruitment are non discriminatory, meaning that we will select the candidate most suited to the vacancies we advertise. Our challenge is to attract a diverse number of suitable candidates to our vacancies.

A growing number of customers in the public sector pay attention to diversity policies of their suppliers. Since 2006, Aggregate Industries has had a steering group which includes an external representative to develop our diversity policies and practices.

View data regarding the full make up our employee profile, including diversity, headcount, leavers and training hours.

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