The design, manufacture and installation of integrated offsite solutions for various sectors





Industrial and Office

Charcon Construction Solutions offers efficient and cost effective solutions for the construction of commercial buildings. including offsite manufactured precast products that provide stability, durability, excellent thermal mass and inherent fire retardation.

This includes precast block & beam and hollowcore options for solid, high weight bearing flooring systems. 



Built with safety, quietness and practicality in mind

For the benefit of those who work and are treated in them, healthcare facilities need to be designed with safety, quietness and practicality in mind. Charcon Construction Solutions's construction products help achieve this by providing valuable thermal and acoustic insulation.

Additionally, its expert design and supply teams have specialist knowledge in this area of construction and the company’s prefabricated product range - including foundations, floors, walls, stairs and more - can all be delivered and installed quickly with reduced labour requirements and shortened build programs.

All Charcon Construction Solutions'd products offer the natural temperature control and fire resistance of concrete, making them a safe and energy efficient choice both during and after construction.

The dynamic nature of Charcon’s construction products offers flexibility for changing needs in the future and means a building can grow and adapt alongside the community. Appearance, functionality and providing best value are key elements of healthcare construction and fit with Charcon Construction Solutions’s commitment to creating long lasting facilities.


Motorway Barriers

Helping you get home safely

Charcon Construction Solutions precast concrete motorway barriers provide a safer solution to central reservations compared to steel barriers. 

Placing a rigid concrete barrier in the central reservation is designed to reduce the risk of vehicles crossing onto the opposite carriageway in collisions and is likely to require fewer repairs, cutting the need for lane closures. 

The barriers are manufactured off-site in factory conditoins using special moulds, this guarantees the quality of the product first time. Barriers can then be installed directly on-site using mechanical scissor grab equipement, reducing potential disruption.

This solution provides a quicker installation time compared to traditional slipform concrete construction methods.


Residential Development

Living made easy with Charcon Construction Solutions

Charcon Construction Solutions provides a wide range of offsite manufactured components and precast products ideal for use in residential developments. Being naturally resistant to fire and flooding, it is a safe and hard wearing material that also provides excellent acoustic and thermal properties.

Charcon Construction Solutions works with major housing developers across the UK and ensures fast delivery of offsite manaufactured solutions that help reduce labour and material costs onsite and allow projects run more efficiently.

Residential construction is a diverse area with ever changing challenges – be they safety, meeting increasingly rigorous sustainability criteria, or keeping up with demand for new builds. Charcon Construction Solutions’s vast knowledge of residential construction and its nationwide coverage puts it at the forefront of what the industry can supply.

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